All About Image Masking

Image masking is an effect used by many photo editors to beautify or detach the photo. It is a process in graphic designing and photo software editing in which we use photo editing software to hide some parts of an image and reveal some. It is a simple process in the art of photo editing. It enables you to make some corrections and enhancements if necessary. It is one of the image manipulation processes which produces a great photo from various creative inputs. We shall briefly consider the types of image masking alternative to lightroom available in all World these days

Types Of Image Masking

There are three main types of masking popular in the photo editing industry.


Layer Masking

When people talk about masking in Photoshop layer mask is what they generally refer to. In Layer mask in one can hide some parts of the image or change the capacity of a layer in the picture. You can also improve the visibility of the sheet with the layer mask I’m can also make any portion of the photo visible or invisible.

Clipping Mask

In clipping mask in, the visibility of a particular layer is determined by another. To achieve success in clip masking, you place a layer at the bottom of the layer which you want to make transparent. The transparency of the layer above is controlled by the layer below.

Alpha Channel Masking

This is a sophisticated way of masking a photo. It is more confusing than the other two masking methods elaborated in this article. There are many ways to remove a background from various images. It isn’t straightforward in masking out the hair and other funny areas of the picture. If I’m asking it is much easier to apply if there is enough contrast on the background of the picture. You can get more insight by clicking in



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