All You Need To Know About CNC Machine Center Lathe

 It is great to know that today there are various machines used in the manufacturing industry that have varied sizes, specializations, usages, etc. Amongst the multiple machines and tools used, one of the most prominent ones is – CNC machine center lathe. In this thread, we will discuss this machine in detail and its usage of it. 

What Is A CNC Machine Center Lathe? 

CNC lathes are the machine tools that are operated with CNC systems (Computer Numerical Control), and they come along with a specified set of instructions. In these machine tools, the material gets either rotated or clamped by the primary spindle. A cutting tool also works on this material and can be moved on a different axis. CNC Lathe machine tools are primarily used for different machine parts with similar symmetry around the overall axis, which gets chucked up easily inside the spindle.  

  • Operations of a CNC Lathe: 

Any simple kind of CNC machine center lathe (เครื่อง กลึง CNC lathe, which is the term in Thai) generally operates on the 2-axis, and the tool gets located in a very fixed position in between 8 to 24 turret stations. The part where all the rotating action happens is known as ‘Turning.’ Hence, this is the reason why many of the CNC Lathe machines are also commonly known as CNC turning machines.  

  • Different Parts of CNC Lathe Machine: 

The configuration of the CNC Lathe machine does vary depending on the specific needs, but there are a few sets of components amongst which most of the customization happens. The different components involved in the making of the machine include machine beds, main spindles, sub or second spindle, chuck, headway, tool turret, tailstock, and guideway. 

  • Usage of CNC Lathe Machine: 

The primary use of this machine is to produce proper round shapes with both inner and outer diameters. Practically speaking, all different types of structures can get machined with the help of this machine, as it is very versatile. The CNC Lathe machinery is mostly used in oil and gas, aerospace, medical, automotive, mining, electronics, paper mills, power plant, steel, shipbuilding, etc.  

Modern CNC Lathe machines also come along with life tools that can work with multiple axes. This feature helps the machine to be more flexible and effective in its everyday operations.  

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