Bitcoin – popular cryptocurrency and payment system

Nowadays bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency and payment system on the market place. Despite its technical flaws, bitcoin is a powerful tool for payments, transferring funds, microfinance, or bypassing government requirements for the disclosure of personal information.

The functions of bitcoin are similar to the functions of money in any country in the world. There are the following basic functions:

Settlement tool. Bitcoin can be used to pay for goods and services. Everything is paid for with a regular wallet, which is no more complicated than Yandex.Money or Webmoney.

Savings. The user can convert different currencies into bitcoin and wait for the exchange rate to rise. Thus, bitcoin is becoming a good investment option.

Means of exchange. Every user can easily convert currency, as well as transfer funds to other users.

What is the need to use a mixer?

Bitcoin mixers or cryptocurrency mixers are Internet resources that allow the user to make anonymous transactions on the bitcoin network. With the help of resources such as a cryptocurrency mixer, users of the bitcoin network are able to make the anonymous transactions. BitMix is one of the best alternatives to keep the data safe. The principle of operation of this service is that, along the path from the sender to the recipient, bitcoin enters the general wallet of the mixer, where it mixes with each other and leaves to the specified address. Depending on the amount, the payment comes either in whole or in parts – which further anonymizes the transaction.

BitMix offers the lowest commissions (0.4%) and the highest mixing volumes (around 700 btc per week). It also has a nice and intuitive site interface, as well as an indicator of the strength of mixing. Moreover, the platform is completely anonymous and does not store any logs.

So, if you need to make an anonymous transaction on the bitcoin network, then you can confidently use BitMix service.

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