Networking in the New Digital Age

Today with the fast pace of technology and the internet, networking sites and apps have broken down the barriers of communicating and recruiting. Digitalization has completely evolved the whole process of networking. With just a single tap you can add a  list of connections to your network. Gone are the days when you had to typically meet someone in person in order to collaborate, share ideas or do business, buy newspapers to search for a job, review them, print cover letters and resume and then mail or fax them and then proceed to wait for the response. Today networking, finding local jobs, applying for jobs, and sending applications is just like clicking a button with these networking sites and apps. It can help you to connect with hard-to-find professionals whom you may not have the opportunity to connect with the conventional way of networking.

Businesses, Job seekers, Job providers can now create a meaningful network, share career opportunities, amplify their message to a wider audience than they could ever think of without these apps. Even an individual with a brilliant idea with excellent marketing skills can network with like-minded people and can also get mentorship opportunities and get career guidance. Now the companies don’t have to incur the huge variable cost in recruiting people, they can easily mention the job postings on networking apps and can get the best of the talent from worldwide or they can even hire freelancers. The recruiters can also search for candidates by using keywords and can narrow down their search results for candidates by cross-referencing the requirements with the qualifications listed in the profiles. This is why the keyword-rich profile, well structured, and complete profiles are recommended for the candidates who are looking up for the jobs.

Here you can find some of the best tips on how to craft a stellar profile in order to build an effective network and stay on top of the people network.

  • Personalize your connection request by adding a personal note to it.
  • Choose the right profile picture. Show the best professional version of yourself.
  • Give a headline to your profile. Highlight your expertise and the current position and the company where you are working.
  • Add a short summary about yourself. Your summary is a chance to tell your own story so don’t leave the space blank.
  • Keep your profile updated as you progress
  • Add the right keywords to your profile so that your profile becomes easier to search and can provide you with more potential connections and opportunities.
  • Join communities and groups related to your field. Introduce yourself and let other members know you and share a little bit about why you are there.
  • List your relevant skills and experience. Highlight your achievements and your latest work.
  • Once the network has accepted your connection request, send a follow-up message to create a meaningful connection.

Cultivate and nurture your network by creating an extraordinary profile. You never know your next best career opportunity awaits you, so make networking a part of your habit.

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