Quality Blogging Forms The Bases To Ensure Consistent Organic Search Traffic For Small Businesses

A typical content marketing agency or SEO company in Hong Kong would often receive a question such as how many blog articles are needed for a HK local B2B company site to achieve good enough visibility on search engines and get sufficient high rankings on Google/Yahoo. The Hong Kong B2B owners and entrepreneurs would all want their websites to be seen high up on Google when users or potential customers search the major product keywords and brand names. The search engine optimization professionals and/or content creators/marketers may answer with a few weeks or up to several months. This timeframe depends greatly on the industry/niche, as in certain industries the competition has always been too much to handle.

How often you should publish a new article on your company blog? It greatly depends on whether your final goal is to attract organic search traffic from Google and/or Yahoo, or to enhance the brand awareness of your business or product. When it is to improve brand awareness (or visibility), providing useful information and diversifying content are the keys.  Even if you have the capacity to blog on a daily basis, it is not going help increase your organic search traffic from your target HK audience when the content does not meet a certain level of quality in your industry.

Developing relatively high quality content should start as early as identifying buyer personas within your content strategy and overall online marketing strategy. Before the content in your blog articles can resonate the pain points, requirements, and viable solutions of your potential customers and readers, you must know the personas to who you are writing for. This helps you to make a good plan in your overall content strategy for the whole year. Hopefully when you keep doing this right for a long time, you will put your brand into the category of one of the top leaders in your industry.

When you and/or your content creation team have been spending hours and hours writing and producing the content for your Hong Kong company blog, you should not forget to spend some time on managing the social media activities and campaigns. A large number of more than good enough content out there on the internet everyday got produced and have not been read/consumed by anyone. It is not because the content is not good or not because the content does not provide viable solutions to people’s pain points. It is very much because the content providers have not been promoting the content enough.

Lastly, your business should monitor the content and how people have consumed the content on your blog. Setting up Google Search Console (formerly known as Webmaster Tools) allows you to see what keyword searches people have been using to reach your new pages or blog posts through Google SEO. Setting up the free web analytics i.e. Google Analytics will let you track/monitor the behaviour of your blog visitors, including how many users have visited each web page or blog article. The analytics tools basically give you the insights that you will need for whether you should continue creating more of the same topics or should shift to other different topics.


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