Simplify staffing: Benefits of recruitment agencies, how to hire & more!

Businesses spend considerable amount of time, resources and effort to hire people. Staffing is a constant process, and it cannot be ignored. You need the right people for right roles, but the cost & length of the hiring cycle remain serious concerns. Today, engaging recruitment agencies is the new norm, and even the big companies in Canada that have the resources to have an in-house HR team prefer to work with bureau de recrutement Hunt to get customized staffing solutions.

Pros of hiring recruitment agencies

The advantages of hiring a recruitment agency obviously outnumber the cons. First and foremost, these agencies reduce the work involved in staffing. Most companies that offer recruitment solutions have ready pool of candidates, and once they have figured out the requirements, they will create a new list to start interviews. In other words, the length of recruitment cycle can be reduced considerably. Cost advantage cannot be denied either. No matter what your staffing program may entail, hiring an agency is still better than having a full-on recruitment team within the organization.

Not to forget, recruitment agencies have the expertise, experience and market knowledge, which can prevent some of the common mistakes that businesses typically make while hiring people.

On the flip side

As in any industry, not all agencies do the right work when it comes hiring people, so selecting an efficient one with good market repute and credentials is important for every business.

How to select a recruitment agency?

Expertise is the key to comparing recruitment agencies. Experience in your niche & industry, ability to deliver on tight schedules and adhere to requirements are critical pointers to consider. Here are some of the common questions you need to ask –

  1. How long have you been in the recruitment business?
  2. Who are you regular clients? Can we get references?
  3. Can your team work to recruit for both permanent and temporary positions?
  4. What’s your retention rate?
  5. Can you explain the costing process?

Aligning expertise with custom recruitment needs

One of the important tasks for both clients and recruitment agencies is to align expertise with recruitment needs. A company may have experience in your industry, but unless they can understand, evaluate and appreciate your organization’s mission, core values and work ethics, you cannot expect them to excel in hiring the right people.

The first few meetings with a recruitment agency are particularly important. Don’t shy away from asking the hard questions and get references.

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