Syxen is customer-focused

The importance of good customer service has been promoted for decades as the key to keeping and attracting new people to buy your products or services. But even as the number of businesses continues to balloon each year, good customer service remains a challenge for many.

Some companies just focus on selling their products, mostly disregarding the needs and concerns of their customers by providing just basic services.

Business owners who want to run a robust company with customers eager to do business with them, make sure that the people who spend their money with them are happy. Some companies work daily on improving and enhancing customer service, training their employees on how to deal with customers.

Our philosophy

At Delta Global Services (legal owner of Syxen.com), the customer service philosophy is the reason why it’s a success in the order fulfillment industry. We have a “genuine desire to help other businesses succeed,” the company says on its website at syxen.com.

“Everything we do, from the people we invite to join our team, the manner in which we conduct ourselves and our operations, and the philosophies we embrace show our commitment to our customers.”

The company’s customer service support staff can respond quickly to the business needs of customers and are diligent about keeping customers happy. “We aim to exceed customer expectations and constantly work on improving our services.”

Customers with questions can access information on the company’s FAQ page on the website at syxen.com. And they can get answers or concerns addressed by calling, emailing or using Syxen ticket system to connect with support staff.

The company makes it easier for customers to find information that can help. Information includes how to get started, shipping, payments and technology.


At Syxen, our customers and their businesses are important to us:

  • We are committed to your business and are dedicated to its growth and success. We are partners in this venture and our future is entwined.
  • We do not reveal the identity of its business partners’ customers. Our name is not on any packaging or paperwork.
  • We make our software system accessible to our business clients. We also make the system easy to use and understand so you can track ordered product, see order statuses, make changes and track shipments from anywhere.
  • We provide cutting-edge technology that follows our innovative principles works to make your business a success.

Customer Service Tips

Companies that fail to adhere to a culture of keeping their customers are doomed. Below are some tips that can mean the survival and growth of your business:

  • Greet customers with a smile. It makes them feel welcome
  • Keep a positive attitude. This can ward off conflicts
  • Use technology along with a human touch
  • Be prompt in your response to customers because you can lose them to competitor if you delay getting back to them to address their needs
  • Be respectful and courteous when you talk to customers
  • Apologize for inconvenience.
  • Listen when your customers speak
  • Update your website so customers are aware of any company changes
  • Reward your customers and say “Thank you!”
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