The Golden Hour in Photography

Every profession has its jargon, so does photography. Golden hour is one of such terms that every photographer is conversant with. In fact, it is probably one of the first things to learn in photography.

The term “Golden Hour” is figurative as it is not really an hour; rather it is a duration of time varying from minutes to a couple of hours depending on the season of the year and how far your location is from the equator.

Golden hour is simply that period immediately after sunrise and also the period just before sunset. The sun is not yet high up in the sky; hence daylight is redder, warmer and softer. The intensity of the sunlight is low; hence a form of controlled lighting for any type of photography.

How Important is the Golden Hour to a Photographer?

Simply put, golden hour is like the photographer’s “Holy Grail”. It is the time when perfect pictures are taken as nature provides you with all the things you need in the right proportion – light, colors and warmth.

Most professionals wait for the golden hour to take pictures and trust me, it is worth the wait. The warm color of the sun is a natural photo enhancer and you wouldn’t want to miss this moment.

However, technology has its way of making everything easier. You may not really have to wait for sunrise or sunset to capture this moment, rather you can create your golden hour effect with just a click!

Yes! Clicking on this link with your PC saves you the time and stress of staying up to wait for the sun to rise or set. You may have other engagements that will distract you from the wait, hence missing the golden hour is inevitable.

You can only miss sunrise and sunset; but with technology, the golden hour is always at your fingertips!

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