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 The Most Expensive Place to Buy Properties Near Brighton, UK

Brighton is one of the best (if not the best) places that offer top-notch services for investors and residents as well. Low-budget investors would find it uneasy to secure assets as every nook and cranny of the city is surrounded by big and amazing amenities. It also has an easy route to London.

Brighton is an expensive city on its own, I dare say. This makes values of property in Brighton higher than an average price. Zoopla once reported that the average asking price in the place is estimated to be 403, 030 although, there are some properties with cheaper rates as estimated by Rightmove too. 403, 030 is but an estimated worth of properties in Brighton. This article shall further enlighten you on the perfect price range cum the places in Brighton, United Kingdom.


Kempton is a thriving place that’s open to fashions with its beach as great values it (Kemptown) possesses.

It is a popular city that houses central events of interesting social life. This and many more make Kempton is a blessed locale for property acquisition. To acquire a property in Kemptown, you need to have a minimum of 543, 999 in your wallet.


This is an area that was formerly believed to be a suburb of Brighton. It has a population of about 90, 799. It is but also a popular locale with some upmarket buildings that contribute the average price higher than what’s obtainable in Brighton. Hove is post-coded BN with 505, 300 average prices for property acquisition.

Outer Suburbs:

The majority of the locales in this category are mostly dominated by family men & women. It has some mixtures of upmarket, costly residential communities and some sort of social housing that afford investors the opportunities of proper budget investments. The average asking price to secure an asset in those Outer Suburbs is 488, 899. Those areas are post-coded BN1 and BN2.

City Centre:

The City center is famous in Brighton based on its residential status. According to Wales Cash Buyers, City Centre, Brighton, UK has an average asking price of about 482, 500. Those prices are reported to be flat-ranged as reported by the PropertyInvesment.

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