The Use of Tax return Calculators As Per Your Requirement

The refund request is made at the same time as the VAT return. For this, a special form must be completed and attached to the monthly or quarterly declaration.

Formalities to be carried out to obtain the refund of the VAT credit

To obtain the refund, you must indicate in the box “refund of VAT credit requested” the amount of which you wish to obtain the refund.Then, you have to fill in a form and attach it to your VAT return.If you forget to request a refund of your VAT credit, you can do it for future declarations if it still exists.

First VAT credit refund request

When it is your first request for reimbursement, you must also attach a RIB.In addition, the tax service may request the communication of purchase invoices justifying the VAT credit. Using the tax return calculator is important there.

The VAT credit for foreign companies

The refund of the VAT credit for foreign companies is a bit special. Here are the rules applicable for companies established in a European Union (EU) country other than France and for foreign companies (established outside the EU).

VAT credit for companies established in the EU

Businesses established in the EU can request reimbursement of the VAT credit.The formalities are carried out via a specific internet portal, which is specific to the country in which the company is located. Copies of invoices must be attached electronically.

The amount of the VAT credit can only be refunded if the amount is greater than:

50 euros when the period corresponds to a calendar year or a calendar year balance,and 400 euros when the period is less than one calendar year.

Deadline for reimbursement of the VAT credit the request must be made no later than September 30 of the year following the period for which the reimbursement is requested.

The VAT credit for foreign companies

Foreign companies (outside the EU) which request a refund of the VAT credit must send a form n ° 3559 to the VAT refund service for foreign companies.

The amount of the VAT credit can only be refunded if the amount is greater than:

  • 25 euros for annual requests,and 200 euros for quarterly requests.
  • The reimbursement request must be accompanied by supporting invoices (in original).

Deadline for reimbursement of the VAT credit:The request must be made before the end of the sixth year following that in which the VAT credit is due.

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