Top reasons to choose lab-grown diamonds for engagement ceremony

Engagement is one such occasion having higher sentimental values. It’s a precious moment for couples and therefore, the occasion calls for special arrangements. Your engagement ring is the main center of attraction and therefore, you need to be very specific when buying engagement rings. Diamond is usually the first preference and in recent days, lab-grown diamonds are the best pick. Lab-grown diamonds are also known as cultured diamonds, artificial diamonds, synthetic diamonds, and laboratory-grown diamonds.

In this article, you’ll know why lab-grown diamonds are the best and why it is the best choice for engagement rings.

  • Affordable– Artificial diamonds are one of the best choices because of their affordability. Both mined and natural diamonds have the same properties but in terms of price, artificial diamonds are 20 to 30% less expensive than the natural counterparts. This is because they are grown in controlled conditions and there’s no involvement of hazardous working conditions or forced labor. Hence, the product you buy has a clean history and this is something which will surely impress your better half.
  • Customization– Another great thing about artificial diamonds is that you can customize the size and color depending on your choice. So make your own engagement ring in advance.
  • Clean history- Diamond industry is associated with child labor and violation of human rights. Also, mining is not an easy job. The laborers have to work under hazardous conditions and sometimes they are not even paid the right wages. Lack of healthy working conditions and paying fewer wages is one of the serious concerns associated with the diamond industry. However, when it comes to artificial diamonds, you’ll never find such histories. These diamonds are grown under controlled conditions and inside a closed chamber.
  • Eco friendly- Mined diamonds look shiny and appearance, but they cause havoc on the environment. Natural diamonds have to be extracted from beneath the earth’s surface and to do this; a lot of heaving equipment and machinery is needed. This causes a threat to the nearby surroundings and it creates a lot of mineral waste. It includes carbon emissions and the release of harmful gases like sulphur dioxide. However, artificial diamonds use energy that can be renewed and it generates only 6 pounds of carbon emissions. Natural diamonds, on the other hand, generates 125 pounds of carbon per carat. In the case of water usage, mined diamonds require 126 gallons of water per carat but artificial diamonds produce only 18 gallons of water per carat.

You can get more man made diamonds info from online sources. There’s a huge confusion between lab diamonds and real diamonds. You need to clear out that both of them have similar physical properties but the only difference lies in their point of origin. Also, they differ in terms of their price. Expect to pay 20-40% less when buying lab diamonds. Be it bracelets, rings, or earrings, artificial diamond is the best choice. Lab-grown diamonds are affordable, sustainable, accessible, and a comprehensive choice.

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