What Are The Advantages Of Nasdaq?



When it comes to stock exchanges there are a lot more numbers will come in the list. Though people choose nasdaqkc at in order to get some benefits. In the year of 1971 this stock exchange comes in. This stock exchange is famous for the tech-heavy exchange. If you choose this stock exchange then you will be offered with better benefits. Most of the people go for this specific stock exchange is because of the lower listing fees as well no tough requirements is needed for the listing as well. For the electronic traders Nasdaq is a beneficial one. Be it is any electronic trading it will help. When compared with others sets of the stock exchange it has less prestige, less blue-chip status for a company. With an aim to clear you alone some key points are mentioned below. 

What are the benefits?

As mentioned before there is no critical requirements needed to come into the list. Be it is small as well as big companies the same criteria will fall. If you want this exchange then it is required to have $11 million exchange for the past three years and have at least 1.25 million shares of stock issues. That means in total $70 million on the other hand NYSE require $100 million in order come in the list. At the same time, if you look at the listing fees of the nasdaq then you will really get shock its low when compared with NYSE. In short if a company choose Nasdaq over NYSE then it can able to save a lot of money. If you have any doubt then check the annual listing fee you want to pay. You will really wonder by choosing this awesome stock exchange. 

Why choose it?

The main reason why most of the people choose nasdaq is that due to the low fee. No matter about the company even it is large or small company you all set to save a lot of money. If you check some other stocks trading even the initial listing fee is high. On the other side the Nasdaq will ask you to pay less amount alone. At the same time, as mentioned before this specific trading is an electronic trading and it will allow you to easily trade. This specific type of trading become popular and it has been used by so many numbers of traders as well. Thus choosing it will make you happy because you will be able to easily sidestep from paying much amount in order to exchange. 


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