What kind of eBay Analysis You Would Need?

You can offer a buy-it-now price for buyers who would like to have the product quickly, without waiting for the end of the sale (7 days after it goes on sale). Of course, the bids will not go up beyond your proposed Buy It Now price! Why wait if we can buy immediately at that price? You could very well offer a starting price of 0.01 dollars and a buy-it-now price of 499 dollars. But you have to be confident that the auction will go up. It’s quite an art! Every month, many ebay listings are free. If you exceed, fees apply based on the starting price of your sale. At worst, wait until the start of the next month to get the free listings again. Choosing the fast intell’s ebay calculator happens to be perfect in this case.

Ebay payment: PayPal, check, etc.

You must now check the payment methods you want. The most classic are:

PayPal (which is attached to ebay and which is a reliable and secure way to pay online, send and receive money). If you are new to ebay, you may want to open a PayPal account linked to your bank account.

Check: Traditional piece of paper that you also know

The buyer pays first, and then the seller ships the item. With each payment or PayPal transfer, you receive a confirmation email. Payment by check penalizes the buyer who has to wait longer and has to pay the postage stamp to send the check. The payment by PayPal penalizes the seller who does not receive quite the totality of the money: PayPal takes a commission. But sellers who accept PayPal attract more ebay buyers and inspire confidence.

Ebay delivery

If you overdo the shipping cost, buyers will realize that your listing overall isn’t such a great deal. A product at 1 dollar and 25 dollars for shipping costs 26 dollars! Choose realistic shipping costs based on postage rates.

When you have received payment, you can prepare a box yourself and send it to the post office. The box must have a classic rectangular shape otherwise the post office requires a supplement of 5 dollars (triangular, round, bizarroid package, etc.). Via Mondial Relay, you have to go to a Mondial Relay point and have it delivered to another Mondial Relay point. The buyer must then pick up his parcel at the chosen Mondial Relay point (choose a point near his home or talk to the buyer to find out if another point is suitable).

Writing an Advertisement on Ebay: Soon Finished

A new window appears. Your ebay listing information is summarized. Click on “List with displayed charges”.

Listing on ebay: last step

If you realize that the insertion fees are not free, it is because you have exceeded the 50 free listings, or that there are several photos. Either you continue by paying, or you cancel your bet on sale (just close the window) and wait until the start of the next month. You can then go back to “My ebay” and “My sales” to see that the item is displayed. The thumbnail of the image may not appear immediately (small bug not serious).

Ebay Sale in Progress: Wait For the Ad to Interest People

Auctioning is like fishing: you have to be patient. This is the market for sellers and bidders on ebay and elsewhere. If your item is not selling, consider lowering its starting price. Now you know how to sell on ebay!

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